Unblock your Body.

Your blocked huh?

You want to know why you're so overweight, why you don't make millions, why you aren't a stay at home parent making thousands online?

The problem is not uncommon among 95% or more of the population.

So many people are often envious of others who live better than they can imagine and they wallow themselves in the ridiculous cycle of "wishing I had that" type of thoughts.

Although wanting more than what you currently have in life is a great driving force for change, the large majority of people do not experience much change because they do not take the necessary aciton needed in order to obtain the success they desire, or they are not motivated enough to create a habit of health and wealth.

Creating habits of health an wealth are basically making yourself accountable to the end goals that you desire.

Instead of spending so much time looking what you dont' have, you need to shift your way of thinking.

Good thing you have Unblokeyour.net to help you sort this all out!

Ways of Thinking that Keep you Blocked

There are several ways of thinking, in life, that keep you blocked from becoming what you want or what your a fully capable and able to do.

ONe of the most common excuses for people not achieving their dreams (or giving up on them altogether) involve the most basic of words: "I'm too young" or "I'm too old".  

This type of self repression is often due to the fact that society has made it a stigma to continue to pursue new avenues and to be "risky" with money in order to achieve wealth.

We are all frequently advised to save our cash, spend less and live a reasonable living.

We are taught that big dreams are for big kids and stability and settling down is the "adult" thing to do.

Why do we buy into all of this?

You feel me?

How in the world is telling ourselves that it's time to stop dreaming in any way an effective mechanism to keep our society creative and inventive AND productive?

What's the point of working if their is no push to excel?

If you were to ask Peter Voogd or even DJ what's his name (sorry!), they both would tell you that dreaming  is a big part of the drive within an entrepreneurial spirit and having that blocked is like cutting off the limbs of your money tree.

By far the most enthusiastic and "kid like" adults I have met in my life are the ones who are not blocked but rather they can often be accused of living a life that is "not of the norm".   At first these comments make one feel inadequate but as age and time passes and the value for unique and creative ideas is more and more rare and therefore more favored and lucrative in the long run, one becomes proud of their "weird" and "uncanny" ways of approaching life.

Who would want to live an average life?

I'm sure you can agree that living as a millionaire or even a billionaire is "not normal", so why should our expectations to be one be so short sighted?

I once met a gal once who was trying to sell me me the Jeunesse Opportunity.   It's some type of multi level marketing thing and I had to catch myself from telling her she was wasting her time. 

Yes...even I slip into the "normal" mode every once in awhile but I have begun to catch myself and climb back out to the success world of kid like entrepreneur enthusiasm that this gal in now way lacked.

She told me about how the community in the biz op were all positive and taking on the "risky" business venture was the best decision in her life.  She now lives a life on her terms and no longer lives BLOCKED from being free and adventurous in her daily work.

A lot o people mistakenly think that people who fall for the online businesses are not spending their money wisely and they tell cautious tales of how they should be saving their money rather than risking it all in a new business adventure.  These types of cautious tales are for people who are BLOCKED in life.

Don't let others determine what you believe you can do in life.

You want to be a millionaire?  Then stopped putting roadblocks up and start bashing the down.

How to Unblock Your Life

One of the main reasons people get blocked in life is not because they are not smart or capable.

As a matter of a fact, most of us have had some genius ideas of how to live and work.

The difference between those who break past the barriers and actually see their ideas come to fruition is simple.

It's called ACTION.

Action is probably one of the most (if not THE most) common reason that people fail or succeed.

Action on a CONSISTENT and FOCUSED basis will eventually bring you to a successful end result.

Many many successful people don't know the exact path that they will take to get to their end result but they all have one thing in common.  They Keep Their Eye on The Goal no matter what the path and eventually....they reach their target.

Simply create yourself a target and stay focused on it.

Do what you have to do to get there.

If something is not pushing you towards that goal, then scrap it and move on.

People often get stuck and don't see the value in making "mistakes" and it is those that take those mistakes as opportunities to propel them closer to their goal who are truly more successful.

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