Unblock your Resistance To Good Health

So you are sitting around wondering why you still haven't lost that weight that you want to right?

We understand.

Maybe you use to be a college athlete that got injured.

Maybe you are a mother of twins or even triplets and you find yourself not able to shed anything from that former life changing event.

Perhaps you are retired and went from sort of sedentary to SITTADoWNTRY   all day long.

You sit and flick through the channels of CBS and NBC and whatever else is out there and you watch hoarders, and a couple cool flicks.

You see the BeachBody Workout tapes and the advertising that tries to get you to buy.

You break down and buy.

You do one week of the activity and change two days of how you eat.

You check the scale and nothing has changed so you give up and say...what the heck!

Why bother trying  to lose weight if when I do try it doesn't work?

I know exactly what you are talking about.

Why can't you lose weight?

You are self defeating yourself.

You put everything and all excuses ahead of your desire to lose weight.

You see...you simply don't want to lose weight enough.

It's that simple.

For example...If you want to live for a long time and you find yourself hanging with one hand to a tree overhanging a cliff, you will emphatically try to never ever let go.  As a matter of a fact, I'm willing to bet you will start doing pull ups and grabbing at all things with ALL your POWER in order to live.

Or say you have a medical problem that requires you to wash an area of skin each day so that your flesh doesn't get eaten or get worse.  You do it because the consequence of not doing it is the loss of a limb.

The problem you face with your weight is that it is NOT life threatening enough ..YET.

You've had no scares.  You're "healthy" for the most part and no one has told you that you developed diabetes.

Is that what it has to take?

Do you really have to wait until your body already tries to die from the bad eating and physical exercise choices you make before you start doing what you ,know is right?

The way you make weight loss ESSENTIAL is by understanding that you are at risk RIGHT NOW.  Stats say that people with no prior records die all the time.  That means they may have had a problem but there was no record of it.

You have to find deep within yourself how badly you want to beat that record.  You shouldn't even want to show up anywhere near the record but the ONLY way that will 100% happen is if you take control of your health and the choices that impact your health RIGHT NOW.

Remember the days when you could climb a flight a stairs and not get short of breathe?  

What about the days when you could run over 3 miles in less than a half hour?

Or how about the time you could ride your bike for hours on end?

Or climb a tree?

There are so many things that you miss out on when you concede to being overweight.

You have already taken life away from yourself.

You MUST choose to SEE IT in order to start learning to escape it.

You have to change your mind to change your future.

Just like the WP Millionaire's out there who choose to make a million dollars or more, YOU have to Commit to a HABIT of performance changing rituals that will change your life forever.

The way that you lose weight and unblock your issues?  You wanna know how?

YOU TRY AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and you never give up.   You never take your eye off of your goal.

Have a solid and Quantifiable Goal.   You want to lost 50 lbs and be 150lbs total....then THAT is something quantifiable.

Do it TODAY...the stakes are high...and your life depends on it.