When it comes to living in a place of peace, unblocking all things that bring you down is important. 

Being close to Cleveland on our travels we discovered, because of sheer interest in a construction project, that one of the ways that you need to considering unblocking things that are dark in your life is by letting in the light.

How do you ask?

Well, you make sure your home has plenty of light.

It's pretty simple. 

It is scientifically proven that natural light and light in general helps to uplift and raise spirits.  

There are studies that have even looked at geographic regions and discovered that the places with more sunlight tend to have more happy and healthy people than those that live in areas of less sun.

Our idea came from the Window Replacement in North Olmsted that we witnessed at a buddhist practice house. (We don't remember the name.)  

The conversation we were able to have with the leader and the installers was all about windows and how they can make or break the energy you have within you.

To "Just Be" (Zen type stuff) in darkness is different to "just be" in light.

Windows are important so make sure you don't block yours....and if you don't have any...it's time for a new window installation!